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So here is a hard quiz on the book of Coraline. It also asks facts about the quiz so I hope you know a lot about it!
Visit the Upick Daily website to read and post comments about the Coraline Quiz quiz. Share your own opinion and comments about Coraline Quiz and interact with other fans of .
Can you match the charcter to the quote? Take this quiz! Who says "You know I don't like recipes"

coraline quiz

Who says "One day, little Caroline, when they are ready,
All it takes is two minutes to take the Coraline Quiz and find out how much you know about the quiz and the characters in the quiz.
I'm getting a copy. Who else is? Plus, I came up with a cute quiz for anyone who's seen Coraline, or read the book. See who gets them all right. 1. What.
Take the Coraline Movie quiz. Did you see the new Coraline movie? Were you paying attention?. Find more coraline quiz Coraline Movie quizzes and more fun quizzes for free.
Created By: on July 22nd, 2009 Best Score: dmmdlm23 got 10/10 in 15.4 seconds: Medium
Fanpop quiz: Does The Black Cat that talks have a NAME? - See if you can answer this Coraline trivia question!
Many weeks ago, we took another set of differentiated novel quizzes. These quizzes were based on our state
Artistically gorgeous, mildly horrific, Henry Selick's screen adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book Coraline was one of 2009's cinematic gems. Coraline Jones is bored and .
Yay.It is a Coraline quiz.

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